Amelia Earhart single

by Ezra Lowrey

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released August 17, 2010



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Ezra Lowrey Brooklyn, New York

songwriter and performer in NYC

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Track Name: Amelia Earhart
Come back to me from the deep
You've been deep-sea diving all week
I can almost hear you screaming in your sleep

Come back to me from the sky
From down here I can hear your terrifying eagle cry
You know it always makes me scared when you get so high

Come down...

Oh, Amelia Earhart, come down
I have this fear you'll disappear
I have this fear that you'll split town
I get these dreams where I wake up
and you're just not around

No no no Jacques Cousteau, don't you drown!
For all of your exploring what the hell have you found?
Oh Amelia Earhart, come down

Come down...
Track Name: Take Root
Their roots are pushing up
the cobblestones in my street
I've made an arboretum
of this warping alley
There comes a point you can't go back
to flatness and be free
So I'll look up and see their leaves
know there's a part of them in me

And if I had a chance to uproot them all
I wouldn't no I couldn't watch them fall
I only want to hold them old and tall
I just want them to know that I'm grateful

I'll plant a goddam forest in this little avenue
I don't care if the pedestrians cannot get through
I thought I was rock-hard until I felt your roots
I'll look up and know I take my shape because of you

I'll plant you all inside myself
And say a prayer for your good health
Hope you grow up to something better
And know we're in this together

La da da da da daaaaa