Five Seasons Single

by Ezra Lowrey

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released November 24, 2012

Five Seasons recorded and produced by Ezra Lowrey with Caleb Lowrey

20 recorded and produced by Kyle Walker




all rights reserved


Ezra Lowrey Brooklyn, New York

songwriter and performer in NYC

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Track Name: Five Seasons
what color are you really?
I try to ask you yearly
I seasonally fear the way you change
and leave me

How many colors do I have to see
to see you?
How many seasons do I need to breathe
to be with you?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Darling why
do you go and change your faces?
I'm left here with the traces
of winter in the beginning of autumn

How many people have I had to love
to love you?
How many seasons do I need to breathe
to be with you?

you live inside the spring's first thunder
you are the spell
the first snowfalls of winter put me under

How many seasons do I need to breathe
to be with you?
I will stay in this fifth season
just to stay with you.
Track Name: 20
was it the rose or the razor
that grazed me this winter
now is it frozen, this river
that runs through my veins

I want to wake with a fever
and discover the heat of my heart
and my knees all in knots and my feet
just starting to run away

I’m sorry if I seem a little cold
it’s hard to thaw into the thought of being twenty years old
I sold winter all the silver in my soul
Now I need the scalding heat of summer to hold in my palms like gold

she showed up with a shiver
and she ordered a burger
I watched it sit there and wither
a little like her

she said there’s good days and bad days
she’s afraid that one phase could take her away
there’s a savior somewhere, I say
to myself in the dark

I’m sorry if I seem a little lost
I’m still a child for a month, I’m still deciphering the frost
that wrote volumes on the windows that I closed
can I read them all before these panes turn into traps for wasps?